Welcome to Storm the Wall

March 24 - 27, 2024 | Register By March 15, 2024

Join us for one of UBC’s most iconic experiences! Participate as a competitive or just for fun team and complete the course as a relay, or challenge yourself to do the whole course on your own as an Iron Person. You will swim, sprint, bike, run, and Storm The Wall! A fun & exciting UBC tradition!

Embrace Tradition. Embrace the Spirit. Embrace the Storm.

Event Date: Sunday, March 24 - Wednesday, March 27

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 15 at 11:59PM 

Team Roster Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 20 at 5:00PM

Mandatory Pre-Race Clinics: Monday, March 18 - Friday, March 22

To register for Storm the Wall, visit here. 

To view Storm the Wall frequently asked questions, click here.

Mandatory Pre-Race Clinics

Clinics include a safety demonstration, explanation of the race and its route, as well as a chance for teams to practice getting over the wall. For your team to be eligible to race, at least one person from your team MUST attend a clinic. It is recommended that you have at least four individuals from your team attend clinics so that you can practice on the walls.

Ironpeople (completing the course on their own) can attend any clinic of their choice. They must attend a clinic to be eligible to race. Ironpeople will be allowed to practice on the wall at clinics after teams have cleared. They will receive an allotted practice time and once that time has passed, they will be cut off and will receive no further time on the wall.

Event Day

Teams of 5 compete in this one-of-a-kind event. Each person competes in a different leg of the race before meeting to Storm the Wall together. Ironpeople complete all the legs of the race on their own and Storm the Wall with the help of one other person. Depending on the Team Structure you choose, there are slightly different swim and bike lengths.

Team Structure Swim Sprint Bike Run
Competitive Team 175m (7 lengths) 500m 3.5km (9 laps) 1.5km
Just For Fun Team 125m (5 lengths) 500m 2km (5 laps) 1.5km
Iron Persons 175m (7 lengths) 500m 3.5km (9 laps) 1.5km

There are multiple ways to participate in Storm the Wall! Participate as a Competitive or Just-for-Fun team, or challenge yourself to do the whole course on your own as an Iron Person. Explore the following links to learn about the different ways to participate as a: 

To learn more about Storm the Wall team structures, visit here. 

When you are registering a team for UBC Recreation Intramurals Leagues or Events, there are a number of different participation options for your team based on the composition of your team in terms of skill level and gender identity and expression. To learn more, visit the Intramural Participation Structure.

We're always looking for volunteers to help make this event a success! You'll have a blast with our staff, get a complimentary volunteer shirt, and we'll provide you with food throughout your shift. Opportunities are available at registration, timing, and on race route. Sign up by filling out our volunteer form.

We aspire to include everyone in our programs and to provide a positive experience for all. We invite you to fill out our Exceptionalities Form to provide us with information about you, so we can do our best to provide you with a positive experience. Visit here. 

At UBC Recreation we aspire to include everyone in our programs and facilities. But you may have questions or concerns about if this event is right for you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our event team at storm.the.wall@ubc.ca or call 604-822-9052.

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