8 Steps to Looking Like a Professional Team

Italy's national football team players w

Look like navy seals

1. Have matching socks.
Matching = intimidating
If you want to go all out, get a full matching set like the team “ALAS”.
When they put those bad boys on, the girls melt and the boys shiver.
2. Run around the field in a block or a single file line for warm up.
Your team will look like a well oiled machine.
3. Have a warm-up routine.
A warm-up routine will not only help prevent injuries, it will also make your team look organized. A double threat!
4. Make everyone bring a ball.
# of balls a professionalism
And girls dig it. rawr.
5. Have an original cheer.
Anything is better than saying “Team Name on Three!!”
6. Use code words when you play to trip out the other team.
Like “bananas” could mean “pass back”, or “your balls are on fire” could mean “man on”.
Or go all out like ALAS and speak in an entirely different language. I’m not 100% sure, but I think they invented theirs.
7. Bring Cheerleaders.
Bring your posy with you to your games. If you don’t have a posy, make each of your teammates bring a friend/ their significant other. If people are going to take time to watch your game, you must be worth watching.
8. Hire a Coach.
If you’re low on cash and can’t pay for a coach, make one of your friends or parents wear sweats, carry a clipboard and look irritated and stressed throughout the game. It will freak the other teams out.
EXTRA TIPS!!! Lucky you!!
How to look and act like a good soccer player:
1. Have soccer skills
2. Wear brightly coloured pumas
3. Use sweet lingo like calling a uniform ‘kit’ and the field a ‘pitch’.
4. Rock a fohawk
5. Shake your head dramatically after each call the ref makes, then say ‘play on!’ to
your team so you look like you’re in charge.
I hope this will help you get a leg up for playoffs and if not, help get you on top for next year! Good luck!

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