Did You Know…? Top 5 Unique REC Programs and Activities

It’s already September, and that means REC is gearing up for another year filled with adrenaline pumping, heart stopping, and absolutely fun activities! Whether this is your first year at UBC, or you’ve been here for a few and are just discovering REC now, you may not be familiar with the full range of sports and recreation that we offer. Aside from soccer and volleyball, REC also gives you the opportunity to try out some of the world’s most unique and exciting activities.
In this list, I will count down the top five most unique programs that you probably didn’t even know REC offered!
5. Four different types of Yoga to try! Whether you are a beginner yogee or have fully mastered your mind, body, and soul, there is a yoga class for you. Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yoga/Pilates hybrid classes await you at almost any time of the day in the SRC.  Not sure which one is for you? Try them all for free the week of September 12th!
4. Women’s Self-Defence! Walking through campus alone at night can be scary, but you can boost up your confidence by learning all the self-defence moves needed to combat an unarmed assailant, armed assailants, and multiple assailants in this three month long course beginning September 13th.
3. Pussy Cat Dolls Hip Hop! It’s exactly what you think it is. Dance like Beyonce, Britney, and Rihanna in this sexy dance class geared towards females of all skill levels. Learn the choreography, then take your moves to the club to show all the fellas what you’ve got! Not sure if you’ve got the moves like Jagger? Try it out free on September 13th!
2. Stand-Up Paddle Surfing! This up and coming sport relaxes the mind and body as you paddle along the smooth waters in front of Jericho Beach. Take in the breath taking view, feel the breeze in your hair, and tone up those core muscles in this 1 day excursion on September 24th. You never know, this might just be your new hobby!
skydiving-300x1681. Skydiving! I bet you didn’t know you could go skydiving through REC! You can, and you will love it. Freefall tandem is the easiest introduction to skydiving available. There are two sessions this fall, on September 24th and October 1st.  If you can’t muster up the courage that quick, there’s even more sessions in the spring! You know you’ve always wanted to fly like a bird, and now is your chance. Knock that one off your bucket list this year.
Of course there are many more amazing activities that didn’t make this list, including bungee jumping, rock climbing, and hiking excursions! You can find out all the information and how to register in this year’s REC Program Guide. You can pick it up in the Student Recreation Centre or check it out online!
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