What's a Longboat?

027_JC__01_Longboat251-300x200     It’s fall at the beautiful UBC Vancouver campus. Vibrantly colourful leaves are coating the walkways, there’s a crisp breeze in the air, and a growing anticipation for UBC REC’s largest fall event and the largest voyageur canoe boat race in all of North America – the Day of the Longboat. Since 1987, the event has grown to the point where we now welcome more than 3000 participants to the beach every fall. This year, as the 25th anniversary of this exhilarating and impressive event on October 1st and 2nd dawns, the excitement levels across campus are higher than ever.
This remarkable voyageur canoe race consists of 8-12 people competing within several available divisions, such as UBC residence, Fraternity/Sorority, faculties, or campus-wide. Team members begin the race in their boat, excluding one member who acts as the runner. The runners of all competing teams are assembled at the starting line, and once the starting horn goes they run to their team’s canoes and the race begins. The team then paddles around one buoy and then onto the beach, at which point one member exits the boat and races up the beach to grab a baton. This individual then returns to the boat and the team paddles around the 2 remaining buoys and then back to the shore. The team member with the baton then leaps out of the boat and sprints up the beach to where the Day of the Longboat gong is located, and strikes it with the baton to conclude the race!
Sold after this riveting description? Are you already frantically looking for a paddle to practice your stoke? Have no fear, there are mandatory clinics the weekend before the race (September 24th and 25th) where you can practice getting in and out of the boat, your team strategy, and brush up on your paddling skills. At least 7 members of your team must attend one of these hour-long clinics, and all paddles, boats and PFDs will be provided.
So get 8-12 friends, colleagues, fellow students, or randoms and make yourself a team! The registration deadline is September 21st, and this event is certainly one you’ll want to be a part of. See you on the beach!

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