Dine and Dash: Healthy Eating Options on Campus

It happened again. You slept in those extra 5 minutes, barely had time to throw on some mostly clean clothes, and almost missed the bus for the umpteenth time. Packing lunch just went out the window.  Now you’re faced with the prospect of buying some grub on campus. Tired of Subway, Manchu Wok and PieRSquared? There are plenty of food outlets located all around UBC that offer healthy and tasty lunch-time options to fit your busy schedule.
SUB Central
The SUB certainly is the number one place on campus to grab a bite to eat.  Consider passing on the Pacific Spirit Food court and check out some of these places:
The Gallery:
The Gallery is known for its cheap pints, but did you know it also serves food from the Bernoulli’s Bagels kitchen? During the day you can actually find a table to sit down and enjoy a bagel melt or the soup of the day.  Vegetarian option to check out is the Garden Bagel, and even vegans can enjoy the magic of a Bernoulli bagel.
The Pendulum:
Tucked downstairs, people often pass by The Pendulum none the wiser of the array of delicious and healthy options that lie inside.  Pendulum lunch staples include wraps, quesadillas, sandwiches, bagel melts and daily pasta options. The salad case offers a variety of delectable salads, vegetarian lasagna that is sinfully good, a great vegan stew and a mean chili.  The Pendulum also does breakfast until 11am if you have an early morning class and missed out on breakfast.  Get a full meal at a reasonable price, and if you’re lucky you’ll even be able to snag a table to enjoy your meal. Note that The Pendulum will be closing in Term 2 as work on the new SUB begins.  However, a number of menu items and salads will be added to the Gallery menu to ensure that the Pendulum fare lives on.
The Delly:
A full range of samosas, wraps, pre-made salad portions and a quality make-your-own sandwich counter are all great reasons to keep The Delly on your radar if you need to pick up some food on the go.  And of course, Fridays after 3pm, don’t miss out on Cheap Delly, when all Delly food goes for 50% off.


Sprouts offers nutritious hot lunches every day that can show you how to use seasonal produce in your own cooking. http://communityeats.blogspot.com/

A real gem also tucked down in the basement of the SUB.  Sprouts is a volunteer café and grocery store that sells food items prepared with seasonal locally grown and organic ingredients, much of which comes from the UBC Farm. There is no take-away option here (or you can bring your own plate and cutlery), so stop by if you have 15 minutes to sit down and enjoy a hearty bowl of soup or the hot vegan entrée of the day.
On-The-Go Options
If you’ve got a short break between classes and don’t want to leave your corner of campus and trek over to the SUB for lunch, there are a number of cafes all run by UBC Food Services that carry a range of paninis, sandwiches, salads and some entrees such as Morrocan Berger chicken with couscous as well as yogurt and fruit. All you need to do is choose the one closest to you!
Stir It Up: Buchanan A. (They also have a bulk candy counter for those looking for a treat to indulge the sweet tooth).
Sauder Exchange: Sauder building
Neville’s: Neville Scarf Building
The Niche: Beatty Building attached to the Museum of Biodiversity.
Or if you’re at the library, you can pop down to Ike’s Café which has a nice daily quiche, samosas, pasta options that are good hot or cold, as well as sandwiches and paninis. Be warned, the lines at Ike’s often run a few people deep.
Sticking Around To Study
As any UBC student knows, available seating over lunch hours can be a valuable commodity.  If you want to have some lunch while tackling some homework over a nice coffee or café mocha, be sure to check out these coffee joints.
The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co.
Just next door to Mahony’s, The Boulevard serves up good coffee, good food and good tunes. It can get pretty busy around the lunch hour, but if you’re a café studier, than this is a great nook.  Menu items of note are the spinach and feta croissant, the chicken coconut curry soup, the broccoli cheddar soup and the grilled pepper bocconcini panini.  The Boulevard is a little bit pricier than some, but the ambience can be worth that extra dollar.
Bean Around the World
Tucked away on Thunderbird Boulevard halfway between East and West Malls, Bean Around the World is a great place to grab a coffee that beats Starbucks, and they have a good lunch display case complete with sandwiches and wraps and yogurt parfaits.

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