Nutritious and Delicious: Chicken Pesto Wrap

In the ever hectic dine-and-dash student lifestyle, lunch can often be the meal of the day where all your good nutritional intentions fly out the window. The key to sticking to your nutritional goals is to KISS – Keep It Simple Smartie.
Wraps are a perfect solution – you can use up a variety of vegetables in your fridge and best of all they’re quick, easy and healthy to whip up in a flash. Try this one: a Chicken and Pesto variety prepared this week by Health Promotions’ Elise Bocknek.
1) Spread a spoonful of pesto on the wrap of your choice (we recommend sundried tomato, whole wheat or pesto).
2) Chop up a variety of veggies. We went with cherry tomatoes, red pepper and green onions, but grated carrot, cucumber, sprouts or spinach can be mixed and matched as desired.
3) Choose your protein. Sliced turkey, leftover chicken breast or tofu will cover your bases.
4) Pile on your vegetables, and follow it up with a sprinkle of cheese for a little something extra. Feta or goat cheese are crowd pleasers.
5) Wrap it up and you’re off and munching. Lunch in under 5 min!

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