Nutritious and Delicious: Breakfast Smoothie

I don’t know about you, but breakfast might possibly be my favourite meal of the day. Breakfast foods and I are good friends – I’m in love with cereal, enjoy a good bagel with peanut butter and my heart melts at the thought of a good eggs benny with a side of hashbrowns.
Recently, I went through a bit of a smoothie binge. They’re quick, friendly for on the go as a snack or a perfect way to jump start your day. Smoothies are also great because they are easily customizable with whatever you have on hand. This rise and shine recipe is pretty basic, but its loaded with good things like Vitamin C, potassium, probiotics and antioxidants. If that doesn’t scream healthy, I don’t know what does.
1 Banana
1 cup of Orange Juice (bonus for calcium fortified!)
3 big spoonfuls of low fat Yogurt (I’m a big fan of French Vanilla)
1 cup of softened frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries or strawberries are my leading favorites)
Pile your ingredients into a blender or magic bullet and with a press of a button for about 20 seconds – voila! Instant refreshing breakfast to kick start a day of studying.
Smoothies are also a great choice for dorm residents people since there is so little prep work. Coming back from a workout? Make it a recovery meal by adding a protein powder of your choice to the mix (which often come in chocolate or vanilla flavours).

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