Commit to these New Year's Resolutions!

So here we are: another year has passed and it is time to draft out another set of resolutions to work towards as 2012 approaches. Every year I make a list of what I want to accomplish or improve on in the new year. Some I accomplish (hello driver’s license) and some I do not (I still love my Coca Cola). While this year I will continue to work towards living my life healthier and happier, I am choosing to pursue small, but substantial, resolutions in 2012 which I hope will expand my horizons. These resolutions can be done by anyone and I encourage you to pursue them with me.


In 2012 I resolve to ask more questions. As a second year student, I can admit that my question-asking in class has been very limited, very much because I have been too shy or intimidated to speak up or that I cannot formulate a question in my head. I am in my classes to learn and understand new material, so it seems silly that I have chosen not to ask when I needed something clarified. There is a whole new world of understanding awaiting me and it will come just from a raise of my hand.

In 2012 I resolve to learn more about the world around me. I can admit that since coming to university and not having the TV dictate my news and world affairs to me, that my knowledge of current events has been radically reduced. While the solution to this problem is a simple click to the CBC or BBC websites, it is a small step I have not committed myself to. I resolve to change this in the new year and to educate myself further about the world around me and to expand my view far beyond the UBC bubble.

Finally, in 2012 I resolve to treat others as I would like to be treated. While I feel I am far from being a mean or rude person, I sometimes catch myself and wonder how I would feel if I was being talked about by someone else. While I don’t expect to be perfect, I do hope to recognize more strongly the way I talk about others and if what I am saying is fair, accurate or what I would like to be said about me.

These three resolutions are my goals for 2012. While I don’t expect to change overnight, I do hope that by pursuing these small, but substantial, improvements that I will ring in 2013 a healthier and happier human being. I hope you all will pursue these universal resolutions with me in the new year!

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