Try Something New: A Popular New Year's Resolution

We are just starting week two of 2012 and it is time to remind you about those New Year’s Resolutions you made fourteen days ago. Let us not fail miserably at our resolutions á la Bridget Jones style, but stay consistent, motivated, and realistic.


A popular resolution is to try new things. Many people have difficulty with this due to a fear of the unknown, unwillingness to depart from their comfort zone, or the love of their daily routine. When making decisions, sometimes large life-decisions, we tend to ask the “what if?” questions.
What if I won’t be happy? What if I don’t like the food? What if I fail? What if I get a bad grade?
This negative self-talk puts us in a bad position to try something different; therefore, we stay the same and carry on. Unfortunately, through this, we lose the opportunity to grow, experience, and enjoy.
The key to overcoming these fears and relishing in the delight and allure of trying new things is to stop expecting the worst and start dreaming about the positive.
The most recent thing I tried was surfing. I traveled to Hawaii with my family over the Christmas break as a final big family vacation since me and my sister are now past the age of traveling with our parents. I had always wanted to try surfing since I saw Blue Crush way back in elementary school, but leading up to the trip, I had my doubts. I knew I wasn’t the most agile athlete and had a significantly poor record with water sports. I was scared of getting my hopes up and failing, but when I finally got to the beach and stood watching people of all ages paddle, fall, and eventually ride a wave, I had to try it myself. I walked down the beach alone, as my family had gone to look at kayaks, and waited outside some big Kahuna’s surf rental truck. He gave me a board, over two times as tall as me, and I dragged it down the beach and got out on the waves. I can’t exactly say my first time surfing was very successful; I think I rode only one or two waves and had to stop when I fell and sprained my ankle. But, later on in the trip I had another opportunity to try surfing, and I fell… in love.
Whether it’s one of your resolutions or not, trying some new every day, every week, or even every month, is a healthy choice – unless it’s smoking or drugs. That’s never a good idea.
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