A Triathlete's Guide to Training in Vancouver

Looking for places to train for UBC’s 30th annual Triathlon Duathlon?
Some might consider Vancouver winters a bit of a chore. Rain, rain and then just for good measure, a bit of drizzle. Sometimes it can put a bit of a damper on trying to get out the door and get to your training regimen. However, this fine city has in fact a number of great spots, both indoor and outdoor, that make training for the upcoming TriDu a breeze.
With a community and culture for an active outdoor lifestyle, Vancouver has a myriad of accessible, affordable, and charming locations for you to kick off your TriDu training. Whether you’re a first-time triathlete or seasoned professional, you’re bound to find your perfect spot!
Surrounding UBC campus are the forested and road trails of Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Stretching tens of kilometers and over 750 hectares, the park provides a network of paths that are suitable for all abilities and training types. The routes are completely nestled in nature, and provide an incredibly scenic and serene spot for daytime runs, bikes, or hikes. Trail maps are available online and at the mouth of each major trail, so individuals can customize their routes to best suit their needs and abilities. Try navigating these paths with a friend to create your ideal training route!

Pacific Park

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Adjacent to these stunning nature trails is the UBC Aquatic Centre. Home to UBC’s TriDu, it offers both outdoor and indoor Olympic-sized pools, gym facilities, and scheduled length swim times – all perfect for gearing up for this year’s race! To top it off, these facilities are completely free for UBC students and are also open to the general public.

For off-campus training, look no further than the gorgeous Vancouver Seawall. Arguably the crème de la crème of the city, the Seawall lines Vancouver’s waterfront from the convention centre on Burrard Inlet, through Stanley Park, and down to Kitsilano Beach Park. The Stanley Park section of the route is just less than 10km and is smoothly paved and flat, making it an ideal pathway for walkers, bikers, and joggers of all skill levels. It loops around Stanley Park, running along the park’s coastlines and exposing breathtaking views of the city, mountains, and the Lion’s Gate Bridge.


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The above locations are just a fraction of the many places on-campus and around Vancouver that are perfect for TriDu training this year. Don’t forget to check out the countless bicycle routes, running paths, and indoor training facilities that are spread throughout the city to gear up for this year’s UBC Triathlon Duathlon.
Happy training!
Know of other great places to train around Vancouver? Feel free to let us know!
Looking for more training tips and tricks? Come out to our free weekly workshop series, which starts up this Sunday, January 29th, from 2pm-4pm in War Memorial Gym.

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