Get Out There: Richmond Curling Centre

Coming off your On the Button Bonspeil high? Or maybe you just really want to try out Canada’s beloved sport of curling? Well, wait no more, as the Richmond Curling Centre is well equipped to meet all of your sweeping needs. 


Photo: The Richmond Reel

As a Residence Advisor in Totem Park here at UBC, I work very closely with my team of 7 lovely individuals to create a positive and fun living environment in our residence house. That said, that does not mean we don’t like to have some fun ourselves! This past November, our team embarked on a trek to the Richmond Curling Centre, complete with pouring-down rain and a trip on the #33, where we engaged in some road trip games to pass the time. After a few wrong turns, we eventually made it to Richmond Curling Centre and stepped onto the ice.
We swept, we threw, we fell, we laughed, we learned how much everything would cost if we broke it: The night was a blast! Many of my team members were new to curling, but picked it up quite easily and appreciated the chance to try something new. Not only was it a fun time, we also got to practice our team-building skills and test our boundaries. It “rocked!”

Curling also provides a fun photo op!

Located at 5540 Hollybridge Way in Richmond B.C., The Richmond Curling Centre has the capacity to accommodate 64 curlers over its 8 sheets of ice and is available for renting from now until April. Rental fees are $96.00 for 2 hours, plus an additional $1.00 for slider and broom rental. If you’re new to the game, a instructor is also available at the fee of $25.00 per group.
Book your curling adventure today and dive into some fun this month!

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