How To Take Your Triathlon Training Online

It is often thought that the individual racing nature of triathlons translates to lonely training. In fact, however, there is a vibrant triathlon community both in Vancouver and on the web, meaning you don’t have to train alone. We’ve previously posted about places to train in Vancouver, but the vastness of the web can be even more daunting. Check out the following places online to get your triathlon fix – whether you’re at work, late at night, or just simply can’t stop thinking about the race.



Blogs: Triathletes love sharing stories, tips, and tricks from their own training. Why not tap into all that knowledge?
1. Iron Struck:
2. Tri Harder:
3. Iron Rogue:
4. The Sexual Triathlete:
5. Triathlon Training Blog, A Journey from Couch Potato to Triathlete:
Twitter – When they’re not training, they’re usually tweeting. Here are 5 great accounts to start following:
1. @ironstruck
2. @trainingpeaks
3. @Train4IMNice
4. @TriathlonNut
5. @iTriathlete
There are just over 4 weeks to go until race day; happy training!

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