Get Out There: Rez Edition!

Residences offers more than just a place to sleep, study and socialize: many residences at UBC offer weekly recreational activities that offer students a chance to stay fit and get some fresh air!


Photo: Brandon Lau

If you are a resident in Totem Park or Place Vanier, check out the weekend games of touch football and ultimate frisbee which are held every weekend! The Totem Football League is currently in its women’s season and if you haven’t joined already, ask your floor’s captain to get you on the roster so you can enjoy a wild and muddy game on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If frisbee is more your style, drop in at the drop-in Totem Ultimate League on Saturday afternoons and engage in some fun competition with other residence houses! Place Vanier Residence runs its traditional weekend Ultimate League on Saturdays, offering a great chance for some floor bonding and inter-house domination! These games are co-ed and anyone can join!
If you are a resident living in suite-style residence, keep your eyes pealed for “Suite Adventures”- monthly recreational outings in and around Vancouver! Check out the trip to Stanley Park planned for the end of the month.
If what you are looking for recreation-wise isn’t available in residence, start it up yourself! Take the initiative and talk to a Residence Life staff member to help you get started!
Get Out There!

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