TriDu Through the Ages

Here in 2012, the word triathlon is a generally understood term that describes a sport the involves swimming, biking and running in succession. Back in 1983, however, the first year the the UBC Intramural triathlon was held, it was a bit more of a novelty sport. As Vancouver’s first triathlon, the event quickly blossomed as sport enthusiasts and those looking for a new challenge decided to undertake the 800m swim/15mile bike/6.9mile run. Within just a few years, the event grew to be the second largest triathlon in Canada, and today is the largest indoor pool triathlon event in North America.
In 1990 the duathlon was added on, and in 2001 the Olympic Distance Triathlon joined the roster. Today in 2012, there will be no less than 5 events, including the Olympic Distance, the Sprint, the Short, a relay event, the Duathlon and a Kids distance.
Just as TriDu has evolved, so too has our marketing of the event. Below is the photo gallery of some promotional materials of TriDu through the ages.

Its not too late to get in on the tradition! Regular registration for the 2012 UBC Triathlon/Duathlon closes this Monday, March 5th. Late registration closes Thursday March 8th. Just visit the UBC REC website.

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