Spread the Word to End the Word!

While the word “retarded,” or the “r-word,” may be a common term heard by people, many people do not realize the offensive and derogatory connotations associated with using this word and whom they may be hurting by using it as an insult. By using the “r-word” as an insult, you can both directly and indirectly hurt and devalue someone who is intellectually disabled. 25075_343658496823_309265546823_3789437_6490980_n

UBC Student Lindsey von Bloedau was responsible for coordinating the 2012 “Spread the Word to End the Word” Campaign at the university last week and this week. The event, which is organized in conjunction with the Special Olympics, aims to raise awareness about the negative and offensive connotations of using the “r-word.” Lindsey and her team organized booths around campus on March last week to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the campaign and to take the pledge to eliminate the “r-word” from their vocabulary. These booths will be ongoing until March 7th.

“Our message seems to have been really well received by the majority of people we have talked to,” reported Lindsey, adding that she believes there were approximately 500 students who took the pledge last week!

Read more about the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign at www.r-word.org and take the Pledge yourself! And don’t forget to check out the on-campus booths, which will be ongoing until March 7th.

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