Storm the Wall FAQ

Last week you found out how Storm 2012 belongs to you this year! However, I’m sure you have a few questions still surrounding what Storm the Wall really is all about? Read on to find the answers to your frequently asked questions!


This will be you come March 25th!

What is Storm the Wall? 
Storm the Wall is a five-person relay event. One participant from each team will complete one cycle of: Swimming (225 yards), Sprinting (200 metres),  Cycling (2.8 km) and Running (1 km), while one team member will remain at the Wall until their teammates have arrived. From here, all team members must scale the Wall successfully to complete the event.
Important: Each team member must tag the next member before the next leg of the relay is started – except for the cycle transition, where the Stage 4 runner must wait until the cyclist has crossed the cycle finish line.
As soon as a member is finished a relay lap, he/she should proceed directly to the wall to await the final runner. While awaiting the runner, the other team members (including the wall person) are restricted to the holding area and MAY NOT wait on the bark mulch near the wall.
Storm the Wall also offers Iron Person and Super Iron Person events. Iron Person’s complete all four cycles solo and scale the wall with assistance, while Super Iron Person’s complete all cycles and scale the Wall without assistance. A famous example from Storm 2011 can be seen here.

When is Storm the Wall?

Registration for Storm the Wall is due by Wednesday March 21st at 5pm! Wall Clinics will run Monday March 19th-Friday March 23rd. Each team will sign up for a mandatory 45 minute clinic when they register, giving you a chance to practice your wall-climbing skills! Storm the Wall kicks off on Sunday March 25th from 10 am to 4:30 pm and runs until Thursday March 29th.

How can I compete in Storm the Wall? 

Storm the Wall participants can compete on a Competitive Team, making them eligible for advancement to the semi-finals and finals. “Just for Fun” teams also exist, where the team will only compete once and will be offered any additional assistance they might need. As mentioned before, individuals can also compete as Iron or Super Iron Persons as well!

What if I don’t have a bike? 

If you are without a bike, but still would like to compete, UBC REC does have some bikes available for rental. Please email to request a bike rental and include the following info:

-First and last name

-Heat day and time

-Phone number

-Whether or not you need a helmet*

*All bikers are required to wear an ANSI/CSA Approved Helmet!

Who is behind Storm the Wall? 

UBC REC’s amazing Events Crews 1 and 5 and many dedicated volunteers!

For any further details surrounding Storm the Wall, please visit the Storm the Wall official event page on!

See you at the Wall!

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