Storm 2012: Interview with Super Ironman Andy White!

As the days before Storm the Wall 2012 draw closer, the UBC community can feel the excitement in the air throughout campus.  Starting Sunday March 25th and running until Thursday March 29th, over 3000 students will conquer the walls as a team of five or on their own as an Ironwoman or Ironman. This week, participants are flooding to the walls for clinics, in hopes of perfecting their wall climbing techniques and squeezing in that last intense workout before Storm the Wall  begins.
I had the pleasure of sitting down with last years Super Ironman champion Andy White to discuss last year’s win and his plans for Storm the Wall 2012.  Andy was the only person to successfully climb over the wall by himself during the 2011 Super Ironman finals, claiming the title of Super Ironman champion.  Andy is from North Vancouver and is in his 3rd year in the Faculty of Visual Arts. He is also a javelin thrower on UBC’s Track and Field Team.
Maddy: Had you participated in Storm before last year?
Andy: No, that was my first time ever.  I wish I had done it in my first year though because I had so much fun.
Maddy:  What did you do to prepare for Storm the Wall last year?  What do you think were your ‘keys to success’ that helped you become the Super Ironman champion?

Andy:  First, I gave up telling myself that I couldn’t do it and finally signed up.  I practiced my swimming a lot and never gave up when I got to the wall.

What were you feeling before you began to run towards the wall last year?

Andy: My heart was racing.  I was both super excited but really nervous at the same time.
Maddy:  Describe what it felt like when you had reached the top of the wall in the Super Ironman finals last year.
Andy: I couldn’t believe it when my hand got to the top.  I was actually pretty shocked and then I lost it after I pulled myself up.
Maddy:  Are you participating in UBC REC’s Storm the Wall this year to defend your title?

Andy:  Yes, I’m stoked!

Maddy:  What have you been doing in these upcoming weeks to prepare for Storm the Wall 2012?
Andy:  Swimming.  I am a terrible swimmer so I’m hoping to make it through the swimming section without drowning.
Maddy:  What is your pre-race meal?
Andy: Vector cereal and a Cliff bar!
Maddy:  What is your favorite part of Storm the Wall?
Andy: The wall is definitely the most exciting! I also enjoy the running section.

Maddy:  What is your favorite UBC REC event or REC league?

Andy:  Definitely Storm the Wall, as well as Day of the Longboat.

A video of Andy White’s champion performance at last year’s Storm can be seen here:

Be sure to check out all of the action happening at the walls this week at the SUB South Plaza during clinics and next week during Storm the Wall 2012!
Storm 2012 is here. IT’S YOURS!

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