Get Out There: Stay active this exam season!

While you may be tempted to avoid the outside in favour of cramming for your final exams, do not forget to work in some valuable fresh air into your study routine to avoid burn out and stay energized. Read on about some fun ways to keep fit this April!
Try out these activities to give your body and your mind a much-needed study break during final’s season:
Go for a run: Take some time off from hitting the books and take a jog, or a brisk walk, around the block a few times to clear your head and energize your body.
Take your dog for a walk: Whether it’s your dog, your cat or your pet hedgehog, show man’s best friend some love and take him/her for a short walk. It will serve as the much-needed break you were looking for and you’ll also get to spend some time playing with a cute animal. Trust me, it works.
Dance!: Sometimes you just gotta move. Close your books, crank the tunes and shake it out for a little while!
-Indulge in some yoga: The most relaxing type of exercise, roll out your mat and de-stress with some downward dogs and child’s pose.
However you choose to stay active this final’s period, make sure you are taking regular breaks from the books (20 mins-hour) to re-energize, re-group and spend some time de-stressing. Just like Elle Wood’s said: “Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy.” If I were you, I’d listen to her.
Happy studying!

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