Ten Reasons to Play Tennis

  1. Tennis is an excellent form of exercise.  Tennis increases cardiovascular fitness, while also developing strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.  Tennis is a fantastic sport to compliment many other athletic pursuits, as it works a variety of muscles across of the body while also building on general fitness levels.
  2. Tennis keeps the mind sharp.  To succeed at tennis you need to be more than just physically fit.  There’s no tuning out like you would if you were going for a long run or swim.  Tennis players must be mentally engaged at all times as a great deal of strategy is involved. The best players are often thinking several shots ahead.
  3. Tennis is a sport for life. Tennis can be played and enjoyed by both the young and the old.  Children as young as one or two years can enjoy developing their hand eye coordination and playing with the brightly coloured balls.  Many seniors continue tennis well into their eighties, reaping rewards from an active and social retirement hobby.
  4. Tennis is played year round, across the globe.   Whatever the weather, you can almost certainly find somewhere to play tennis.  When winter weather makes it challenging to play outside, indoor venues provide a welcome alternative.  It also gives you the chance to try a variety of court surfaces, including grass, clay, and indoor rubber courts.
  5. Tennis is both a team and individual sport.  Since tennis can be played as singles or doubles, you can choose between working with a partner to perfect team skill, or playing individually and mastering the sport solo.
  6. Tennis is affordable.  While many people associate tennis with the world of private clubs, it does not have to be the case. Tennis can be very inexpensive. The only equipment needed is a racket and ball. Many outdoor courts are available for free, and public facilities offer cheap indoor alternatives.
  7. Tennis is often on TV and great fun to follow.  With several major tournaments throughout the year, there’s always exciting tennis to watch on the television.  The French, Australian, and US Opens are highlights in the tennis world you don’t want to miss. And of course we can’t forget Wimbledon and the Olympics too.
  8. Tennis can be both recreational and highly competitive.  People play tennis at a variety of levels for many different reasons.   Some people play to keep fit, others to socialize, and some to win. Whatever your motivation, it’s always possible to find a good fit to play with.
  9. Tennis is a great way to make new friends.  Whether you are taking lessons, joining a tennis club, or meeting people at the local courts, tennis is a social activity that cannot be undertaken alone.  Most people don’t want to only play against one person for the rest of their days, so finding new opponents can also turn into making new friends.
  10. There’s always room for improvement.  No matter how many years you’ve been playing tennis and no matter how good you a player you are, there’s always room for growth.  Whether it’s your strategy, skills or fitness, there’s always a higher level to strive towards.