Get To Know Your Pro! – Godwin Yu

UBC Tennis Centre is pleased to let you know about our new monthly feature blog Get to Know Your Pro.   Each month a different tennis pro will be sharing some insight into their passion and motivations for being involved in tennis. This month’s feature coach is Godwin Yu. 

Full Name: Godwin Yu

Date of Birth: July 7th

Coaching Credentials: CP1 Wheelchair

Playing History/Titles: Kelowna Open Winter 2005

When did you start playing tennis? 9yr

What do you love most about tennis? Tennis is a very holistic sport, it challenges you to move, hit, solve problems and discipline your mind all in the short 12 sec.

What do you enjoy most about being a tennis coach? I am obsessed with helping people to reach their goals and I get to help them in a sport that I am passionate about.

Tell us about the most memorable match your have played in? It was a mixed doubles match at Stanley Park Open and the Heron nest was right above me every time I had to serve. I didn’t have good service games that day.

What skill do you find most enjoyable to teach? If I have to choose, I’d say mental training skills, just because they are quite under trained amongst developing athletes and should big the biggest immediate impact – just focus better, and perform at the best that you can before fixing other things.

What is the biggest challenge you face in coaching? Our climate and overall accessibility to tennis. We are capable of developing a much more robust clubs system to support the growth of the sport.

What about the most memorable match you have ever watched? Federer vs Roddick Semi-final Australian Open 2007. Federer hit 45 winners to Roddick’s 11, while he won 83 points to Roddick’s 45. Federer also out-aced Roddick 10 to four, never lost his serve, and converted all seven break-point chances on Roddick’s serve. At one point, Federer won 12 straight games to take a 3-0 lead in the third set.

Who is your favorite famous tennis player and why? Marcelo Rios, because he and I both share the same height and his athletic ability allow him to play tennis with such creativity and with little effort.

If you were to describe yourself as tennis shot, which would it be and why? Backhand drop volley. I like to use varieties and I belief in having something special (as in a skill, not ill demeanor) to intimidate your opponents.
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