True Story Tuesday: McDonald's Goes Vegetarian in India

Let’s say you were a vegetarian in India, where would you go to find some food? I bet you $1.39 that McDonald’s wasn’t your answer.
In fact, good old Micky-D’s is about to open their first two “vegetarian-only” restaurants (can we call McDonald’s a restaurant?) in India. What may sound like a strange marketing stunt actually comes with logic and reason from head office. Because of India’s large Hindu and Muslim populations, two cultures that restrict certain kinds of meats, McDonald’s is simply doing as they do worldwide – offering culturally appropriate and locally inspired dishes.
Kitchens in Indian McDonald’s are already segregated for meat lovers and vegetarians, and this new initiative will be an extension of that policy.
Going to India and want to know where you can find a McVeggie? The two locations will be in Amritsar and Katra and will be open next year.
Over here in North America, the McDonald’s menu seldom changes, so that got me thinking. What international dishes does Micky-D’s serve around the world?

  • Vegemite with your English muffin in Australia
  • Shrimp Burger in Japan
  • Green Tea and Orea McFlurry in Japan
  • Shaka Shaka Chicken in Singapore – it is a deepfried chicken patty that comes in a wax paper bag. You’re supposed to pore in spicy powder and – you guessed it – “shaka” it.
  • The McArabia in the Middle East – it’s basically a burger, but in pita bread.
  • Gazpacho in Spain
  • Banana Pie in Brazil

Would you eat any of these dishes or pay extra for the real deal? Has anybody had one of these dishes?

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