Hit the Clubs!

It’s the beginning of the year and you’re ready to be part of something new, something different, something recreational, and something part of UBC.  What better way to fulfill this desire than to join one of the many clubs that UBC has to offer.  The AMS Club Days have come to an end but here’s a recap of a few clubs that are old, new, and some out of the blue!  Of course, they are recreationally based to satisfy your need to go out and get moving.
UBC Fencing Club
En garde!  Always wanted to try your hand at sword fighting?  Or perhaps you are a seasoned fencer?  Then join the UBC fencing club where you get the opportunity to go fencing every Monday 6:30-10pm and 7-10pm in the Ballroom.  Membership is $70 a term for a once a week drop in with prices raising per term depending on how often you’d like to drop in.  Your membership provides you with equipment, the opportunity to study under professional coaching, and to participate in their one big Steven Lazar Tournament.  If you go to your first lesson before October 4th, you’ll also get a free lesson!  So try your hand at fencing or visit their website for more information.

UBC Quidditch Team

Quidditch2-e1348328569116-225x300Are you a Harry Potter fanatic?  Always wanted to ride a broom and chase after people?  Well now you can!  The UBC Quidditch team will let you all do this with a membership fee of $10!  With it you’ll get to play drop-in Quidditch games every Wednesday on MacInnis Field at 5 o’clock and a chance to compete against University of Victoria at least once a month.  WIth the membership, you also get the chance to purchase a pretty amazing jersey for $35.  You can get more information by visiting their Facebook Page or emailing them at ubcquidditch[at]gmail.com.  Brooms are not provided!
UBC Unlimited Dance
Need to brush up your dance skills?  Want to work on your moves on the dance floor to impress the ladies?  Take some hip-hop, popping, breakdancing, and K-pop dance lessons with UBC Unilmited Dance.  Every Monday and Wednesday, this club offers you lessons to help you learn or improve your style, taught by other well seasoned dances from around Vancouver.  Classes are $5 for members and $7 for non-members and you also get free open practice.  Check out their website for class schedules and more info.
UBC Tennis Club
15 Love!  Tear it up on the tennis courts with the UBC Tennis club!  A $10 membership provides you with the opportunity to make the most out of the UBC Tennis courts by giving you 10% off the courts at any time and playtime on Friday nights from 7-9pm for $5 from their regular rates of $29/hour.  You also get the opportunity to find those who also love playing tennis at your skill level and at times when YOU want to play through their membership directory.  Other events include a Midnight Madness tennis event and a year end tournament!  Time to smack some balls UBC.
Grassroot Soccer
Have a love of soccer?   Want to help make the world a better place?  Then join Grassroot Soccer UBC! This club is coming onto 2 years and has already been recognized as one of the most unique clubs on campus.  This club provides you with an opportunity to participate in weekly drop in, a chance to see weekly free styler shows, and partcipatie in two main events: Lose the Shoes and Fustal Madness.  The two main events  are the club’s chance to help fundraise for Grassroot Soccer, an amazing organization that utilize soccer as a way to educate youth in Africa about HIV to help prevent the spread, teach kids how to live with HIV, and promote acceptance.  Membership is $3 and all the money goes raised goes towards this amazing foundation.
Well folks that’s a little preview of what UBC has to offer to help you make the most out of your university life.  For more clubs, check out the AMS page dedicated to clubs.

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