Your Guide To Fun And Efficient Workouts On Campus

Looking to fill that hour between classes by getting physical? Don’t sweat it, or do. UBC has so much to offer in the line of exercise facilities and opportunities. Here is the low down on where to get fast, efficient workouts on campus.
The UBC Aquatic Centre is located right in the heart of campus and has an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room. Swimming is a great, low impact form of cardio exercise and the UBC Aquatic Centre is free for all UBC Students, with your student I.D. Do a few soothing laps in the pool and then soak in the hot tub before heading to your next class feeling refreshed and relaxed. However, if smelling like chlorine is not for you but you still want to take advantage of a free workout, there is a small fitness and weight room located underneath the aquatic centre. Check out the aquatic centre schedules and more at
It’s no doubt that we have the most beautiful campus in the world and thus, the opportunity for so many picturesque running moments. Running is one of the most efficient forms of cardio and can be done anytime, anywhere. Among the best places to run at UBC are the beaches. Take an evening run down Marine Drive towards Spanish Banks and enjoy a beautiful sunset and get great workout at the same time. Another great place to run at UBC is Pacific Spirit Park, although make sure to grab a running buddy to avoid getting lost. Also, if you’re looking for somewhere to work on your sprints then hit the track located just off Wesbrook Mall. Running in the fresh, crisp fall air will clear your mind and open it up for studying and managing all the craziness of university.
The infamous 473 stairs at Wreck Beach have been regarded as nature’s stair stepper. Many people at UBC choose to take their workout outside, to the beach and get fitter and stronger by running the stairs. Try setting a goal for yourself to be able to run up and down the stairs, and push yourself to achieve it. When you conquer the stairs the feeling of accomplishment will carry over and motivate you in other aspects of your life. Just be careful not slip running down the stairs!
The Birdcoop Fitness Centre, in addition to being a great deal, is also an awesome place to get a speedy, efficient workout. A membership to the gym is only $25 per term so take advantage of this convenient and effective location for getting active. In addition to a fitness area and weight room there are showers and locker rooms located within the Student Recreation Centre so you won’t need to worry about being a hot sweaty mess in your next class! If you’re looking for some personal training or a fun group workout, there are also trainers and instructional classes available at the SRC. For more information check out It’s really worth it and if all else fails you can always just visit the gym in search of some eye candy.
Also, be sure to check out Rexercise, a free lunch time series brought to you by the UBC REC Health Promotions team. This year, Rexercise will strive to promote positive mental, physical and emotional health and additionally, provide an opportunity to de-stress and have fun. Sessions will be held at 12:30-1:30pm each Thursday with a different activity every week and will meet in the Student Rec Centre.
There you have it, the 4-1-1 on fun, effective and budget-friendly workouts in and around campus. Now go conquer the wreck beach stairs or get jacked at the gym!

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