30 Days, No Sweets? Challenge Accepted! Day 1

As a child, the wish I made when blowing out my candles each birthday was that the whole world would suddenly become candyland, literally. I wanted a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory style chocolate river flowing through the city where I grew up and a gum drop forest that I could skip through happily on my way to school. Its no doubt that my love of sweet, delectable treats has been a part of me since I was little. Those who know me well know that I crave sweet things on an hourly basis and that my obsession with chocolate is unreal. Thus, I have decided to take on the ultimate challenge (in my opinion) and go 30 days without my beloved chocolate, cinnamon buns and sugary coffee drinks. 


Good-bye cinnamon buns.

The reason? Vast amounts of refined and added sugar have bad effects on your health and well-being. I have known this for ages but I now want to put this into action. I have chosen to go 30 days without consuming any foods with refined or added sugar in attempt to kick my excessive sugar cravings. Through this article I will define the parameters of what I will and won’t be eating over this 30 day period. Of course, I will not be avoiding every single item that contains an ounce of sugar otherwise there would be very little food available for my consumption. I am simply hoping to avoid processed sweet and sugary drinks, chips, fast food, cakes, etc. I will begin opting for more healthy choices such as fruit to curb my addiction to sugary snacks. The benefits of cutting out sugary desserts or eating them only in moderation include higher levels of energy without crashes, lower likelihood of diabetes, heart disease and other serious diseases, as well as potential weight loss.
For the most party I eat relatively healthy. Growing up as a competitive swimmer and practicing 8+ times a week, I was able to eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted. When I ended my swimming career and began a new journey at UBC I struggled to not consume the same amount as in high school. Now, despite eating healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners there are some sneaky additions in my diet, those being, Tim Hortons donuts, cinnamon buns and large bowls of ice cream before bed. Heck, sometimes I eat dessert three times a day. I know, bad? Right?
So, now for what I will be eating in replacement. I will look to fruit and veggies for a sweet fix. Although fruit contains a lot of sugar it is different to the fatty, sugary effects of ice cream or cake. I will also be replacing all white rice and white bread, that is high in modified and refined sugars with whole grain, whole wheat and low sugar options. Additionally, I will chow down on high protein such as eggs, meats and fish, as per usual. As far as alcoholic beverages, I am going to avoid my customary Mike’s Hard Lemonade in replacement for lower sugar options such as vodka and club soda, light beer and champagne, if need be. Salad dressings and condiments will be lower sugar such as Balsamic Vinegarette, which actually happens to be my favourite, not so bad.
And, here it goes. I will be posting frequent updates on my struggles and triumphs, how I feel, what I’ve eaten, and more, so stay tuned!

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