30 Days, No Sweets? The Coffee Curse. Day 6

Here I am, on day 6 of no sugary treats and I still have yet to cave. As someone who is a self-proclaimed sugar addict this is a huge feat and this is the longest I have gone without a dessert in, I don’t even know how long. One of my biggest weaknesses prior to this sugar challenge was coffee. Not the average coffee with milk but sweet, fattening, high-calorie speciality coffees full of flavoured syrups. I love the peppermint white chocolate mochas, the pumpkin spice lattes and chocolatey frappacinos. Fighting this urge to splash out on $5 caffeinated drinks has been one of the most difficult aspects.  
The sugar-filled beverages look so tempting on the posters inside every Starbucks and Tim Hortons, with their fluffy whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. I have found myself walking into Starbucks twice in the last 5 days and almost ordering one of them, but have had to fight the temptation to stick with this challenge. You may also assume that it is more acceptable to consume them as they are just drinks, but be careful not to drink your calories. Most of these sweet drinks contain upwards of 300 calories. This amount of calories can be replaced by more nutritious and naturally sweet food and drinks, such as fruit. As far as beverages go, I have been opting for water, plain coffee, peppermint tea and 100% natural juices with no added sugar.
Instead of my usual desserts I have found sweetness in more healthy options. Some favourites I have discovered are unsweetened apple sauce and apple chips, whole wheat toast with no sugar added jam and of course fruit. The sugars in fruit are a lot more beneficial for your health and taste just as sweet. My personal favourites are berries, watermelon and bananas, yum. I think it seems like the right time to invest in a blender for my apartment!
Despite feeling tired after a very busy week, in general, I feel more energetic. I haven’t had the sugar crashes that my previous diet alluded me and I am also impressed with my growing sense of will power. That being said, it definitely helps to have my friends, roommate and fellow REC staff monitoring my every meal. This type of accountability in any challenge like this is definitely a key to being successful. Without such support I would have cracked on day one and definitely would have hit Starbucks for an vanilla latte and a lemon pound cake.
I have learned in the last few days that how I feel and the level of craving I have for sugar is dependent on the amount of sleep I am getting and how tired I am. After a busy week and a fun-filled weekend spent at Jericho Beach, I found myself exhausted yesterday and craving sweet treats more than in the first few days of my challenge. So, hopefully, with more rest and less sugar, I will wind up feeling great with lots of energy.
If I continue to fight the enticing power of the fancy coffees, one of my biggest weaknesses, I will be on the road to 30 day no sweets challenge success! Stay tuned for more updates, tips and info!

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