30 Days, No Sweets? I Had A Diet Coke. Day 8


I had a Diet Coke. Does that count? Either way, it tasted amazing. Before beginning this challenge I read a lot about the “Sugar Busters Diet” and certain things took me by surprise. Two of the things the diet allow are dark chocolate with 60% cacao content or higher and diet sodas. When I had this Diet Coke I felt like I was cheating, but nonetheless it was the best Diet Coke I’d ever had in my life. Like ever. 
These two unexpected items should only be consumed in moderation according to this diet plan. I had this specific coke at around 4 o’clock on Monday, which happens to be my peak sugar craving time. In the past I relied on sugary drinks and snacks as well as caffeine to get through the mid-afternoon slump. I am now trying to have smaller meals, one of them being at around 3pm and healthier snacks throughout the day in order to kick my craving for sugar. But sometimes, something’s gotta give and I have to have a nice cold can of Diet Coke. The can even says, “sugar-free cola” so why not right?
I am almost one third of the way through this challenge which is pretty crazy, I never thought I could even make it 24 hours. I definitely assumed that it would be much more difficult than this but perhaps the occasional Diet Coke is keeping me going. Caffeine has replaced sugar in my afternoon pick-me-ups. Maybe 30 days without caffeine will be my next challenge? Yeah, right. Good one!
Keep checking on my progress to make sure I don’t cave! More updates and tips coming soon!

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