30 Days, No Sweets? Saving Money. Day 18


There is a popular myth that eating a sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free or any other restricting form of diet is extremely expensive. But in fact, I have found that this diet is saving me money. You don’t have to blow all your money on sugar free alternatives at specialty grocery stores to get a kick of sweetness. 
Special, alternative diet foods are expensive and generally, overrated. Unless you have an endless budget or your parents credit card to spend money on food, you will want to get the most for your money at the grocery store. So shop the outskirts of the  store for foods you can eat. In addition, try making sugar free alternatives using ingredients that will be cheaper in the long run, such as muffins or granola. Moreover, you don’t have to use unnatural, artificial sweeteners, just try 100% pure honey to sweeten your sugar-free baked goods.
On another note, do not keep sweet treats around the house. If you have a cupboard full of chocolate and cookies it will be so easy just to crack and reach out for them. Throughout the last 18 days, I have noticed that with a lack sugary snacks lying around my kitchen, I’ve experienced less cravings for sweets, such as cookies or ice cream. Eating less sugar at home will allow you to treat yourself when you go out to dinner with friends or family. Additionally, this will help to save your grocery money for more healthy and nutritious options for your at home snacking.
Generally, in my mid-day lull between classes, I used to grab a $5 coffee and a $3 scone. Instead, I have been just getting a plain old coffee and of course, no muffins. Resisting this temptation is not only beneficial for my health and wellbeing but also for my wallet. This wasn’t something I was as concerned with when starting this challenge but is becoming an added bonus.
Now you know, eating a sugar-free diet is not expensive at all, just shop smart and resist the urge at the coffee counter!

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