30 Days, No Sweets? Juicy Juice. Day 20


Almost 3 weeks down! I can’t believe I only have 10 days left in this challenge. It’s midterm season and we all know that we generally slip out of our healthy eating and workout regimes during these stressful october weeks. It’s really tough when spending endless hours in Koerner basement to focus on healthy, sugar-free options. Something I have been turning to for a healthy kick of sweetness? Fruit juice. 
Before this challenge, my sweet refreshments included sugary coffee drinks and pop. But, now, I have been quenching my thirst with juice. Juice with no added sugar or preservatives, of course! In addition, it happens to be something that’s easy and accessible on campus as lot of UBC Food Services establishments on campus provide Odwalla or Happy Planet juices. Most of these juices are just straight up fruit (and maybe vegetables) so are a super healthy alternative to pop. Just make sure to double check the ingredients!
At home I have also found myself just pouring a glass of orange juice when I am in need of something to satisfy need for sweetness. As long as you make sure the juice you purchase states “no sugar-added”, your carton of orange juice will be just like eating an orange, without the messiness!  Orange juice and apple juice provide great sources of Vitamin C, something that is much needed in the craziness that is midterm period. Thus, fruit juices (as long as they are no sugar added) will provide not only great nutrition and vitamins, but an answer to your little sugar craving as well!
Stay tuned for more tips as I cruise into the home stretch of the challenge! 10 more days!

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