30 Days, No Sweets? Almost There! Day 22


I have just over a week left in my sugar-free challenge, crazy! I now know the importance of sugar in moderation and that sweets should only be eaten as treats every once in a while. That being said, friends have been promising me homemade cakes and trips to Menchie’s upon completion of this challenge, which is pretty exciting!

A lot of friends and colleagues have been asking if I am going to return to my high sugar diet, filled with sweet pastries and candy? The answer, no, or at least I will try not to. Post-challenge I am going to try to maintain lower sugar diet when cooking and eating at home. This will allow me to splurge on desserts or treats when outside of the house. Having a fancy dessert on a dinner outing will be far more enjoyable than pigging out on candy.
In addition, I am going to try to avoid snacking on anything sweet, especially at home. If I need a snack I’ll eat something savoury or a piece of fruit. My will power throughout this challenge has grown tremendously and I am going to continue to resist the urge to consume too much sugar. All in all, I do feel that I have a little more energy in my day to day activities and I have less of a dependence on my other love, coffee.
That being said, I have 8 more days before I can return to normality. Yay!

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