30 Days, No Sweets? The Final Countdown. Day 25


Here are some of reflections on this diet change and the process one goes through when taking on such a challenge. 
I have actually become very accustomed to this diet and its not as much of painful, conscious decision making process as it was in the beginning. I know what I can and cannot eat and as long as I check the ingredients on certain products, it is relatively easy to maintain. The only time it really affects me is when someone else is eating a huge bowl of ice cream or mowing down on a muffin right in front of me, my friends can be mean.
On another note, I have felt a little more energetic even on little sleep and I am generally less reliant on coffee (maybe). I have also noticed less crashes during the day and less bloating, most likely due to a decrease in the consumption of carbs and refined sugar filled food. Health wise, I know that in the long run a lower sugar diet is far more beneficial.
Hopefully, I can maintain this to an extent and not binge on sugar foods this weekend. I really think that the only way for me to cut my craving for sweets and addiction to sugar was to go ‘cold turkey’ and completely avoid desserts and candy for this time period. Its a great way to train yourself to rely on more natural foods and to almost purify your body. I am really glad I did it and I recommend it to anyone who is up for the challenge, go for it!
At the end of this week, my friends are going to document my first bite of cake in 30 days, so stay tuned!

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