Your Guide To The Right Running Shoes

We all love to pick out the coolest coloured running shoes that’ll match perfectly with our athletic clothing, right? Fair enough, but decisions about running shoes cannot be made solely on the cuteness of the colour. In fact, is very important to select the running shoe that is right for you, your foot and your stride. Working at a Nike store in Oregon this summer, I picked up a few tips on selecting the right running shoes to amplify the benefits of running and avoid injury. A certain shoe isn’t necessarily good for every runner, so I am going to share with you some advice about picking out the perfect running shoes and highlight some of the market’s top shoes.


Men’s LunarGlide+ 4

Nike LunarGlide+ 4
Launched earlier this year in anticipation of the London Olympics, the Nike LunarGlide+ 4 is far better than its predecessor. The LunarGlide+ 4 is an update of last year’s LunarGlide+ 3 and not only looks prettier but is extremely light. A men’s size 10 weighs just 10 ounces! This shoe is for people who’s feet pronate when running, which means that their foot falls inward or outward with each foot strike to the ground. The Dynamic Support in the heel of the Glides prevents the foot from rolling in or outward. In addition, this shoe features Nike’s Dynamic Fit system, where the laces lock and load the foot in place for extra support.

Women’s Gel Cumulus 14

Asics Gel Cumulus 14
Asics are very popular around runners and athletes at UBC. This shoe in particular suits a high to neutral arch. Asics footwear features Personal Heel Fit which involves layers of supportive foam that will mold to the runners heel for maximum comfort. Another key feature of the Gel Cumulus 14 is the mesh fabric on the upper of the shoe that will be light and breathable. In addition, a friend tells me she loves the “super flashy” colours offered by Asics in the Gel Cumulus 14.

Men’s AdiZero Tempo 5

Adidas AdiZero Tempo 5
The AdiZero Tempo 5 is one Adidas’ top rated men’s and women’s running shoes. Reviews I read on the Adidas website about this shoe showed that users like the new updates from the Tempo 4 such as its weight. Aside from being relatively light, the AdiZero Tempo 5 features a very responsive foam insole for well-cushioned running. The shoes have extremely breathable and light weight mesh on the upper and as far as stability, these shoes are a relatively neutral shoe, for any runner.

Men’s Nike Free Run+ 3

Nike Free Run+ 3
The Nike Free Run+ 3 was developed over a period of 8 years to simulate the natural foot position of barefoot running. Nike created a scale to classify its Free footwear in which 1.0 is barefoot and 10.0 is a neutral ride shoe such as the Asics Gel Cumulus 14 featured above. This shoe, the Free Run+ 3, is a 5.0 on the scale, which allows the shoe to train your feet and leg muscles to simulate this barefoot feel when running. Frees also feature flex grooves along the bottom (white part in image) for maximum flexibility of the foot. These shoes also come in some pretty hott colours, such as Volt, Nike’s signature neon yellow hue.

Women’s Mizuno Wave Precision 13

Mizuno Wave Precision 13
A new launch for Mizuno, the Wave Precision 13 is an update of the previous model. This shoe is perfect for someone looking for a neutral ride, so for someone who’s foot remains relatively still when running, and does not move outward or inward too much. Mizuno’s AP+ technology allows for a bouncy, cushioned feel when running so its comfy and protective.
Other Tips To Keep In Mind When Purchasing The Perfect Running Shoes
Make sure that you know that the salesperson knows what they are talking about. My advice is to visit a running specialty store such as, Running Room or the brand’s retail such as the Nike Store at Oakridge Centre. These sales clerks receive special training on every product and benefits of each shoe. They can truly help you find the perfect running shoe for your foot, stride and needs.
They always say, “you don’t know until you try it.” This definitely goes for running shoes. Try on as many different pairs, sizes, styles and colours as you want to ensure that you get the absolute, perfect pair for your needs. Jog up and down the aisles to get a feel for the running motion and how the shoe feels on your foot. Running shoes can change a lot from model to model, for instance, there is a few differences between the Asics Gel Cumulus 13 and Asics Gel Cumulus 14 and you may not feel the same about the new version. So try ’em all on!
Lastly, shoes that are labeled “Training” or “Core Training” in the store are not running shoes! These shoes are specific for athletic training such as, plyometric, weight and aerobics-type training. They are not designed for running and should not be used for running. So make sure to check advertisement and signage in the store!
Good lucking picking the perfect pair and enjoy your running!

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