30 Days, No Sugar? Cheese. Day 28


Someone once told me any food can be made better with either melted cheese or melted chocolate. And since chocolate is out of question, my new go to is cheese. Any and all cheese.
Harvarti, Cheddar, Goat Cheese, and Edam. My fridge now contains them all. I know it seems like a weird substitute but I have truly rediscovered cheese. Cheese provides a great basis for a lot of filling meals and snacks such as cheese and crackers, grilled cheese, or mac and cheese. Throughout this challenge grabbing some cheese and crackers as a snack instead of a muffin has been just as filling and takes my mind off the potential sweetness of the muffin and on the creamy sharp cheeses. Yummm.
Cheese contains a lot of great nutritional value when eaten in moderation, of course, you should not consume an entire brick of cheddar in one sitting but its great for snacks. It provides large amounts of protein, calcium and good fats and it tastes delicious! And if you prefer melted cheese, heat it over veggies or meats for a yummy treat.
So try replacing your sweet snacks with cheese-based options, just as delish!

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