30 Days, No Sweets? And It's Over. Day 30

I’m done, I’m done! After 30 days of no sugary snacks, refined sugars or sweet desserts, I am done. It’s hard to believe that I actually completed this challenge and I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. At this point in my day I have had 2 pieces of cake and thoroughly enjoyed them. But here are my thoughts, reflections and tips regarding a 30 day challenge of any sort.


One of my colleagues began interviewing me before the consumption of these two delicious pieces of chocolate cake and it got me thinking about the process of this challenge. It definitely went in week long phases of how I felt, level of craving, etc. The first week was the toughest, with every glance at a dessert being torturous and withdrawals prevalent, this was definitely the hardest week. After the initial hardship, the second week was about just getting enough food and facing the fact that I could not turn to my beloved sweet coffees and muffins. The third, was about experimenting with food, I made sugar-free pumpkin muffins and also started to do a lot of research about how the “sugar busters” diet worked and benefited people. And the last week, was normality, this last week has been a lot easier and not eating sugar is just something I’ve become accustomed to, sort of.
A question that got me thinking was “What was the closest you came to eating or drinking something sweet?” This moment came in the first week when I ordered a mocha at Starbucks and realized what I had done. I had to cancel my order and I replaced it with an Americano with room for milk. After this event, I became more conscious of my decisions and what I ordered but by the last week of the challenge I was a pro at going for sugar free coffee options.
Question number two was “What three tips can you offer someone embarking on their own no sweets challenge?” I thought about these carefully. I think number 1 would be to eat honey, because you can! Put it on toast, use it for marinades, put it in greek yogurt and use it for baked goods. Honey, as long as its raw honey, is all natural and doesn’t contain any refined or added, artificial sugars. Number 2, drink water because it fills up your stomach and takes your mind off wanting snacks. I always struggle with drinking enough water but this definitely helps to simulate the ‘full’ feeling and refocus your idea of hunger. Lastly, make sure to let all your buds know about the challenge as this really helps you stay accountable. When you have people watching your every move you will be far more likely to succeed and reach for the healthy options.
Another question was “How do you feel?” The answer is good. I feel more energetic throughout the day in general and am definitely less dependent on my true love, coffee. I have yet to step on the scale and see if I have lost any weight over this 30 day period but I feel pretty good. I feel better than how I feel when I chow down on a large piece of chocolate cake, maybe.
And lastly, “Are you going to return to your old diet?” The answer to this is, that I am really going to try to maintain a lower sugar, minimal dessert based diet and not always reach for sweets. I am going to minimize the amount of sweets in my diet and the sugary things I keep in my kitchen. I am going to use desserts as a really big treat, not as a go-to. This challenge has taught me that I can do it, so why not continue to try, with the occasional treat, of course!
All in all, I strongly recommend embarking on such a challenge. I learned how to truly eat healthy and it definitely cut my cravings for sugar by a lot. For example, right now, even though I can eat a sweet treat, Im craving something more nutritious or more savoury, which is a great step in the right direction for me, so hopefully I can try to keep it up!
Thanks for reading and for the support!

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