Choosing the 'Ultimate' Team Name in the Ultimate League

This year, teams in the Ultimate League stepped up their game when it came to picking team names. Some of the most notable include Washable School Glue, Forcing Scoregasms, and The Sexy Beast. But what makes a great team name?
1. Using a pun. In the Ultimate League, this tends to be something disc or frisbee related. Some clever ones this term include 2 Girls 1 Huck, Whiskey Disc, and Free Hucks. Many teams extend the puns to sports or intimidation in general. Take the aforementioned Forcing Scoregasms, or the Sauder Mizers for example. A pun is simple and effective way to get your point across while raising a chuckle. Maybe even enough of one to distract the other team!
2. Making it personalized. The divisional teams in the Ultimate League are awesome at this, and it often also involves a pun. The law crew, Jus’disc, and one of the medical teams, Herniated Discs, capitalize on this opportunity. We’re now just waiting for a forestry gang to call themselves Plaidiators.
3. Making it to the point. Sometimes puns and personalization are too complex. Maybe you want to get your message across, but you can’t find the perfect word to make it ultimate related. Teams like The Sexy Beast and Team to Beat understand that bluntness is often the way to go.
These are just of the creative names we’ve seen so far this, and we hope to have more to come! So if you’ve thought of the ultimate team name, be sure to use it!

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