Tips and Tricks From the Futsal Crew

As another successful term of futsal continues at the SRC, teams are coming together and battling for the league title. With playoffs around the corner, the REC Futsal Crew thought we might be able to assist teams with a few tips and tricks. 
Many players don’t know this but SRC Futsal does not follow all the FIFA rules. We have adjusted them to improve the flow of the game. Our first tip is to review the rules on our website and make yourself familiar with the sections that cover uniform policy, fouls and disciplinary as well as rules of play.
Secondly, for those who are new to the game, here are a few things to remember to make the game a little more enjoyable:
1)   Goalies can throw or kick the ball on a goal kick, however the ball must contact another player or the floor before crossing over the centerline.
2)   There are no offsides in futsal, which means that you can stand behind the defense to make room for your teammates to dribble or collect rebounds.
3)   Refs are quite lenient with substitution calls. While you do have to ask for a substitution, very few refs will say no so long as you switch quickly and don’t have to many players on the court.
As for the veterans who want to improve their game and maximize their statistics, our advice may help you score that game-winning goal, stop the other team’s all-star player or earn you a spot in the All-star game.
1)   In a close game every shot counts, and most goals in futsal are rebounds or from close range. With this in mind, try to make every shot unexpected. This could be a quick turn and shot, a first time volley or the infamous toe-punt.
2)   Defensively no one wants to step in front of a rock hard shot that may leave you with a limp or bruise. To prevent this, you want to get really close to the person shooting. When they bring their leg back to shoot, swoop in and take the ball and have a shot on the opponents net.
DSC_06171-198x3003)   Remember that referees are people too. They won’t be able to see every call and there is not benefit to arguing a call, as referees can’t change the past or their call. The nicer you are to the referee, the nicer they will be to you.
With playoffs and the all-star game around the corner, don’t miss your chance to implement our tips and tricks during league play. Who knows, maybe one of the REC volunteers will snap a picture of you using these skills in a grudge match. Best of luck to all the competing teams this term, we enjoy watching the competitiveness.

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