Stress Relief Tip #2: Positive Thinking And Affirmations

A great way to maintain a low-stress lifestyle is to continuously think positively and provide yourself with positive affirmations and reinforcements. My close friend and aspiring Life Coach, Meike Schieb is all about spreading positive thinking and has a true passion for optimism and positivity. She has shared with me some of her tips for keeping a positive outlook amidst stressful and tough situations, so here they are!
What can optimism do for you?
Generally, people who are optimistic can see benefits from better health conditions and state of mind in the long run. The Mayo Clinic reports that optimism and positive thinking can reduce risk of the common cold, lower your likelihood of depression and distress as well as provide a generally better psychological and physical well-being and supposedly, increase your life span. The assumption is that a more positive outlook leads to lower stress levels and a better ability to cope with stressful and hard situations. Thus, lower stress levels equal a more healthy mind and body. Additionally, those who exude positivity experience more success, and it is proven that those who are more successful are less prone to stress in their lives.
How can optimism do such things?
When you get bogged down with midterms and term papers, money issues and all the other stressors we have as students, try to “focus on solutions, not problems.” says positive thinking guru, Meike Schieb. Look at and picture yourself past the point of stress with a successful outcome. In addition, “when you are stressed and everything seems to be going wrong, think about positive outcomes from the past and remind yourself of all your successes” Meike suggests. When negative events occur that apply stress to your life remain positive through them and try to look at them as being not your fault, this will help you understand that they are not very likely to reoccur and that you will come out on top when the event has passed.
How do I master my mind and my stressful situations?
Practice self-talk and self affirmations to reinforce the optimistic mind set. “Positive affirmations really help, however, you should not lie to yourself because that would cause unconscious confusion and could trigger even worse feelings.” Meike says. When giving yourself little positive pep talks in the mirror or on the bus or wherever make sure to not say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to others! Looking at situations in a more positive way will help you handle uneasy or stressful situations in a constructive way. For instance if you are looking at a difficult math homework problem and thinking to yourself “There’s no way I can do this!” try flipping this thought on it’s head and saying “Okay, I just need to assess how I am going to get help or I am going to give this another shot.” Pushing these negative thoughts out of your mind will clear room for more constructive and positive ones.
In addition to affirmations try to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle – get enough sleep, exercise a few times a week and eat healthy, nutritious foods. Other interesting tip is  to surround yourself with positive people and people that will greatly influence your decisions and mind set. Thereby, be in the presence of people who won’t drag down your optimistic nature, this will only heighten your stress levels. One last tip is to reevaluate your thoughts, environment and physical well-being and what could potentially be changed to reduce stress and increase your positive outlook.
Hopefully positive thinking will better your well-being and help you handle those stressful moments in your busy student life! Good Luck!
“Believe in yourself and be the master of your own mind.” 
“A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.” – Remez Sasson

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