Lace Up for Family Day Sets the Stage for Big Event

Thunderbird Arena was host to Lace Up for Family Day this past Sunday as UBC REC staff and families involved with Rare Disease Foundation got together for an afternoon of arts and crafts, games and ice skating.
“Most of the kids went straight for the [Nintendo] Wii,” joked Mack Irving, a member of the REC staff. Tables were set up on the concourse around the ice surface where kids were able to make crafts and play board games with their parents as well as REC employees.
The promotional event, a precursor to the upcoming Lace Up for Kids, was one of many with which Rare Disease Foundation is involved. It also served as an opportunity for the event’s organizers and volunteers to meet the children and families that they will potentially be helping through their efforts.
Dave and Michael, both parents of children benefitting from the organization’s work, spoke highly of their experience with Rare Disease Foundation. Both were also in attendance at a gala hosted by the organization that took place at a local exotic car dealership recently.
“They raised $100,000 [that night],” Michael said of the fundraiser, where parents were treated to a dinner cooked by some of Vancouver’s top chefs. Both men agreed that the number was impressive for an organization as young as Rare Disease Foundation, which has been in existence for only four years.
“The technology needed to diagnose [their son] Sean wasn’t available ten years ago,” said Dave’s wife, Lindsey. She believes that organizations such as Rare Disease Foundation, and events like Lace Up, create important funding opportunities for medical research that have helped or will help her son and others like him.
When asked if he would be skating later on in the afternoon, Dave replied that his skates usually hurt his feet. “My wife will be for sure,” he said.
Events like Lace Up and the recent gala present parents with an opportunity to meet and network with other families in situations similar to their own. It also gives them a reason to get out and have some fun.
“We have a life again,” Dave said.
Lace Up for Kids will take place on November 22 in Thunderbird Arena, and will feature ice skating and live music. Proceeds from the event will go towards the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in support of the Rare Disease Foundation and Rare Disease/Translational Research. Registration closes at 5:00 PM on November 16th.

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