An Interview with Dylan Wylde

UBC REC’s own Dylan Wylde is a prominent figure in the REC community and UBC’s hockey world.  He plays as a goalie on an elite team in REC’s Todd Ice Hockey league and on the Thunderbird Alumni team and works in the Pro Shop at Thunderbird Arena. His dream is to start a goaltending school.
UBC REC has had a large impact on Dylan’s life.  Part of his decision to transfer to UBC was due to its competitive recreational hockey league.  After not playing competitively for a few years, Dylan was excited about getting back into it.  He joined a free agent team last year in REC’s elite division.  Dylan explained, “We were seen as kind of a joke team […] because we were just free agents.” But this underdog team beat the odds and won their division’s championship both semesters.
He got a job in the Pro Shop at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre after finding the advertisement while following a UBC related Twitter account.  Working there, he would regularly run into UBC REC’s ice hockey league volunteers. Through meeting them, he was inspired to join UBC REC this year as an assistant director in the volleyball league.  Also involved in other sports, Dylan played on a REC championship ball hockey team as well as a soccer team.
Dylan was fortunate to get the opportunity from a teammate on ‘The Motherpuckers,” to shoot a video with Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows. “We pretty much just shot around for hours…[the opportunity] was huge”. The final product, to be used for an amusement ride being built in Vancouver, featured another lucky kid who dreamed of playing hockey with Burrows.
Dylan also plays for the UBC Thunderbird Alumni hockey team. The team features old timers and more recent former Thunderbirds.  “[We] are like a tight knit family.” Dylan’s connections with his team have allowed him to stay in contact with the hockey world and to continue to play and practice at a competitive level.
Working in the Pro Shop, Dylan is asked a lot of questions about goalies and training.  This prompted him to start private goalie training sessions.  His work has inspired him to start his own goaltending school in the future.  Growing up, Dylan spent many years going to goalie schools. He wants to spread his wealth of knowledge to other young goalies.
UBC REC has significantly benefited Dylan, allowing him to “keep in contact with the hockey world and keep competitive,” and by opening doors to many other opportunities.  All his endeavors at UBC will hopefully pave a path for future success in hockey and in the world.

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