Your Guide To Healthy Eating On Campus

Overwhelmed by the abundance of eating establishments and unhealthy snacks at UBC? Fear no more, here is your guide to healthy eating on campus. 
Coffee establishments are all over UBC and as students we love our fair share of caffeinated drinks and it is extremely tempting to give in at the coffee counter and add that muffin or Timmy’s donut. Therefore, my first tip in eating healthier amidst the abundance of food at UBC is to skip the extras. Coffee, in moderation, is actually good for you but the extras, the whipped cream, the sweet syrups, the pastries on the side, these can all be excluded. Of course, they are great as treats once in a while but avoiding the temptation as you grab your morning coffee. The fat and sugar in syrups and pastries are the bad ingredients that cause crashes, weight gain and other illnesses.
If you are currently living in Totem or Vanier or frequently like to visit the SUB for lunches, why not give the salad bars a try. Not only are salads cheap but they have a variety of different options that you can use to make your creation. Healthy options such as tuna, tofu and hard boiled eggs can be added your salad for a source of protein as well as a multitude of different lettuce types and fresh veggies. The salad bars also feature a million types of dressing.
Check out Community Eats at Sprouts in the SUB. Simply bring a reusable container and a donation to Sprouts in the SUB basement every Friday (beginning Jan. 18th) from 11:30 to 1:30 for a tasty, all-natural meal. Sprouts uses donations from local stores and some extras to create a great, fresh and healthy meal that uses food that would otherwise be thrown away. Just don’t forget your container to enjoy a vegetarian, by-donation meal.
Instead of a Triple O’s burger or some A&W from the SUB, go for sandwiches. Some of the best sandwiches are at The Delly, located in the basement of the SUB, and Stackables, located at Totem, Vanier and next to the Sauder building.  Sandwich places such as these two on campus are quick too so they’re a great place to grab something in between classes. They are also filling and customizable, so build your own sandwich to perfectly satisfy your craving.
There it is, the healthiest spots on campus and tips for maximizing healthy eating among all the fast food options here at UBC. Stay healthy!

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