Get To Know Your Coach! – Justin James Mahoney

Full Name: Justin ,James , Mahony

Date of Birth: 6/6/73

Coaching Credentials: NCCP level 3, CP1, wheelchair

Playing History/Titles: Played since the age of seven,#1 jr player in BC, Provincial and National SR Champion

When did you start playing tennis? Age 7

What do you love most about tennis? The tactical strategy involved with wining a match and tournament. There is no on court coaching so it teaches you to be a great problem solver.

What do you enjoy most about being a tennis coach? I really enjoy helping people of all ages and abilities, either the joy of getting someone involved in the wonderful game or helping a performance player reach their goals and live their dream

Tell us about the most memorable match your have played in?  Playing my first big pro tournament here in Vancouver in 91 and the feeling of competing at that level.

What skill do you find most enjoyable to teach? I love teaching all strokes, but I love teaching the serve because of how important it is with the overall stategy and tactics of the game.

What about the most memorable match you have ever watched? For me it was Borg vs McEnroe in 1981 – Wimbledon final – I remember that really getting me excited about the sport and I got my first Donnay Borg Pro racket right after.

Who is your favorite famous tennis player and why? Bjorn Borg – for how cool and calm he was on the court!

If you were to describe yourself as tennis shot, which would it be and why? I would describe myself as a between the legs shot because it is a very fun and exciting shot and I like to have fun in life!