Just For Fun Ain't For Everyone: How to Win REC Awards

You may have heard of this enigmatic and allusive award being whispered about in the hallways and gyms of the SRC. Earl Awards, Triple Crown, Little Triple Crown…what exactly are all of these anyways? Hopefully by the end of this article the mysteries surrounding these awards will be debunked.
First off, the Earl Awards. The Earl Awards recognize students who participate annually in UBC REC League Sports, Tournaments, Events, and Instructional Programs.  Participants are awarded both participation points for taking part in an activity, and competition points depending on their final placing.  At the end of the year at REC’s Annual Hall of Fame Banquet, the top 3 Earl Award winners receive special recognition. Curious about you or your division’s placing? Check out the current Earl Award Standings here.
The Triple Crown Award is given to the unit whose teams win the UBC Overall Championships in the Day of the Longboat, Great Trek, and Storm the Wall. The composition of each team might differ from one championship to the other; however, all participants (aside from the allowable number of designated imports) must come from the same unit. The Little Triple Crown is awarded to the unit whose teams win Day of the Longboat, Great Trek and Storm the Wall within their Division.
Johanna Mickelson, a member of last year’s Triple Crown Unit and heavily involved REC participant, shared a few of her favorite REC moments and advice for future REC glory seekers. ubc-rec-public-relations-1-214x300
Q: How did you first get involved with UBC REC:
My first experience ever was through my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. I first started with just volleyball. My first event was Water Wars, and since then I’ve been hooked. Especially to that event – it’s definitely my favourite.”
Q: What is your favorite part about participating on teams in leagues and events with UBC REC?
“My favorite part about playing in Leagues is that it’s a consistent schedule where you get to play with your friends. The number of tiers each sport has is great as well. It gives you a chance to play really competitively at the sports you’re good at, and also encourages you to get involved in sports you haven’t necessarily tried. Events are my favorite thing about REC. My top two favorites are Gladiator and Water Wars because they’re always changing the challenges there, so you never know what to expect – other than a good time..”
Q: Favorite memory at a UBC REC event:
“Favorite moment was definitely Storm the Wall last year. Half my sorority came to cheer us on and I’m pretty sure most of them ran alongside our actual runner. There was so much adrenaline the entire time. Realizing right after that we won Triple Crown was the best feeling of accomplishment I’ve had at this school.”
Q: Advice on winning the Triple Crown:
“Plan early for it. Make sure you have an idea what members of your division will be doing what, and make sure you practice hard together for each event well before hand. It’s a huge team effort and because each event requires so many people, the success can’t ride on one single person. Make sure you keep motivated throughout the year and keep training hard and working together as a team. Finally, make sure you have a lot of support. That really helped and carried us through to the end.”
The Triple Crown awards and Earl Awards are a fantastic way to take your REC experience to new heights. So grab a couple of friends from your division, or just start keeping track of your Earl Award points. Work and play hard, and you may just become a 2013 awards recipient!

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