Welcome to Swim Cycle Run – REC's Online TriDu 2013 Community

Hi everyone!
Director of The Point here, and I would like to welcome you to our TriDu 2013 blog called “Swim Cycle Run”! Three of The Point’s editors, Campbell, Danna, and Beth, are training for their first ever Sprint Triathlon and they want you to join the conversation (you can see a quick bio on the left hand side of your screen). Each of these ladies has ranging athletic experiences, but none claim to be a master of all three sports. Sounds like this could make for some interesting experiences 🙂
If you are following our blog, you might notice how it’s organized. If not, I’ll give you a simple run down. On Tuesdays we talk about swimming. On Wednesdays we wear pink. No, of course I’m kidding. On Wednesdays we talk about the cycle. And on Thursdays we talk about running. Each author will rotate through the three sports, giving a fresh perspective each week.
But The Point isn’t the only place to keep updated on TriDu’s many participants’ training regimes. If you’re on Twitter, search and use the hash-tag #TriHard to follow our online community. We want to know it all- what you’re eating, how long you’re sleeping, how many k’s you’ve put on the bike, how many toe nails you’ve lost… you get the picture. Chat and converse with other athletes for tips and insights into how you can try hard to #TriHard.

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