Working Out at Home

I hate going to the gym. Hate it. I know it’s good for me, and god knows I definitely need to be working out more, but I just can’t get over how intimidating all the machines are, and how insecure I feel surrounded by all the beautiful and extremely fit people.
So exercise videos and fitness websites are a godsend for people like me. It’s definitely harder to motivate yourself and fully commit to it because it’s so easy to fall off track (and you’re not driven by the fact you’re paying $100 a month membership), but once you find the right program, or the right strategy to keep you going, working out at home can be one of the most comfortable and cheapest ways to get regular exercise done. Try out different things, because some styles of workout videos might work better for you than others, and check what equipment you would need before buying. I put out a call to my friends asking what they use, and here’s a start-up list for you to check out:
Videos (most you can order online, or Chapters has a great selection of exercise videos):
Jillian Michaels ( The badass trainer of “The Biggest Loser” has a slew of workout videos that get you seriously sweating. A bunch of my friends do her “30 Day Shred” video, which I also own, and we have no bad things to say about it. She makes you get a lot done in a shorter amount of time (great for you busy folk out there), and her little pep-talks don’t feel corny or contrived.
Insanity/P90XIf you have the will, and you want something more intense/extreme/drastic then these babies will take you there. The biggest difference between the two is that Insanity doesn’t use any equipment, while some exercises on P90X do, but these can easily be modified so that you don’t need it. They’re a little on the pricey side, but ask your friends – odds are one of them will have it on their computer or something.
Dancing With the Stars: Learn some smooth moves while breaking a sweat. I personally love dance videos, they’re a lot of fun and don’t get boring for me, and it’s much easier to motivate myself to do a dance video on the days when I really don’t want to exercise. I also have this dream of if I become famous, I know Dancing With the Stars is something I’d really want to do, so doing these kind of indulges that dream a bit.
Websites/Youtube Channels:
Gain FitnessThis is a really cool website that lets you personalize your workout based on any number of factors: time, gym or at home, level of intensity, your fitness goal, what equipment you have, etc. With so much personal control, you’re bound to get the perfect workout for you and the results you want.
Be Fit in 90A YouTube channel that features a 90 day program – just go to whatever day you’re on and you’ll get a quick, whole-body workout, with minimal equipment needed (just weights). I like this program because they have a different workout for every day. so I’m not just doing the same thing over and over again.
Do Yoga With MeYoga. For free. I know, sounds too good to be true, right? But here it is, a website featuring videos from beginner to expert, all available without any strings attached. Perfect for pretty much anyone who calls themself a Vancouverite.
As with anything, there are some things to watch out for when exercising at home. Always make sure you keep to the proper form when doing exercises, and don’t push yourself too hard to avoid injury. It’s always good to also consult with a doctor before starting a program if you have any physical/mobility problems.

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