Getting Involved with REC: The Pros and Cons

It’s dark and rainy outside, and I have given myself the task of writing an article about the UBC REC hiring season that is already upon us. I have a midterm tomorrow and pretty much every literary classic on my reading list, but that doesn’t stop me from putting aside the time to finish up my REC duties for the week. It’s human nature to let some stuff slip through the cracks – long distance friendships, eating habits, work out routines – but there’s always some things that are just too much fun to ignore.466719_10100303387086851_1334405746_o-1024x683

We also like to get dressed up.

Before I joined REC in September 2011, those things for me were my favourite TV shows, texts from my best friend, and seeing a movie on opening night. Now, I find myself at home on a Friday night designing a webpage while learning HTML and downloading Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks just for fun. Not that the texts and TV shows aren’t fun anymore, but I’ve since acquired a passion (and a PVR).
When I was applying for a position in REC I did not expect it to become my passion. I figured there was no harm in hanging out with some fun looking people while getting practical experience. With almost two years in the program, I still don’t know what to expect at the beginning of every week.
Spending ten hours a week doing something you’re passionate about is a great thing. For some, that’s skiing. For others, it’s fantasy football. For me, it just happens to be working on The Point with REC. Like every great thing, being involved with REC has its pros and cons. Can we ever expect any experience to be perfect? No. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment, my friend.
If you’re thinking of applying to REC this spring, there’s a couple things you should know:


  • 150 new friends
  • Something to put on your resume
  • Experience in an industry of your choosing: media, journalism, recreation management, event planning, human resources, marketing, public relations, design, corporate sponsorships, and health and nutrition
  • Comfy couches where you can shamelessly sleep
  • Supportive and helpful full time staff
  • Organized socials and trips
  • Meeting a ton of great people who are motivated by and dedicated to what they do
  • Networking for future opportunities


  • Making room in your schedule for karaoke nights and Cheap Deli Fridays
  • Facebook notifications
  • Your embarrassing moments will likely be documented
  • The added stress over what colour the annual raincoat will be
  • Always running into someone you know on campus when you’re having a bad hair day
  • The time commitment. It’s not that bad but can get crazy during midterms

Applications will be available later this month on Career Services. If you have any questions, post a comment below!

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