UBC REC Introduces New Disciplinary Measures

UBC REC has implemented a new disciplinary system for handling false identification at their events and in their leagues.


The use of false identification, or attempting to identify oneself as another individual, has been an ongoing issue – especially within league play. Individuals will often try to pass themselves off as a member of a team in order to substitute for that player’s absence, or in some cases give their team the upper hand in an important match.
One change pertaining to this kind of activity is the implementation of a sports points deduction for divisional teams. Teams that represent a specific faculty or group on campus compete to earn these points in UBC REC leagues. REC is hoping that the threat of a deduction will dissuade teams from attempting to sneak players into games.
Furthermore, teams that are caught doing so will forfeit the game – another measure that the organization hopes will curb any mischievous conduct in its leagues.
The new penalties aren’t meant to exclude individuals from getting the chance to play for their team or with their friends – they are a necessary measure to protect the organization from potentially dangerous situations. Players who play in games for which they haven’t registered for will not have had the chance to sign the appropriate waver forms, and therefore become a liability to the organizers should they get hurt or become involved in other forms of misconduct.
The University of British Columbia does not take the use of false identification lightly, and UBC REC makes it clear in the new rule changes that they will forward cases on to Campus Security and the UBC Student Conduct Manager when appropriate.

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