Walking Through the Giant Colon

It’s bouncy, It’s big, It’s pink, it’s fun. It’s also a Giant Colon!


photo courtesy of Kiran Dhillon

Well, this is different, I thought. Unlike inflatable castles, or inflatable obstacle courses atop swimming pools, there is something different in the air when you’re walking through a giant colon. You feel a little bit weirded out at first, thinking why a colon of all things, then maybe you laugh because the immature kid in you says “haha, you’re in a colon“, but then, after the short walkthrough you feel just a little bit more educated about the things that go on in your body.
And that’s what the folks at the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada are aiming for. Their man goal for the “Giant Colon Tour” is to simply increase awareness of the second-leading cause of cancer death. I had been incredibly ignorant of colon cancer before, and strangely enough, the muppet-like character of “Dr. Preventino” featured in five videos spread along the inside of the colon informed me quite a bit about the structure and other diseases associated with it. After talking more with the representatives of the CCAC, I learned that about 90% of the cancer cases are preventable (and can be easily treated with early detection), that those 50 and over are at risk (so talk to your parents about it), and getting screened for it isn’t as uncomfortable or hard as one might think. And as with learning more about any disease, the importance of a good diet and exercise is hammered just a little bit more into my brain (it worked – my friend and I opted for Pita Pit rather than give into our McDonald’s cravings for lunch).
So if you want to check out 40 ft wide, 8 ft high behemoth, head on over to the Life Sciences Centre near Agronomy and Westbrook. It’s probably the most entertaining and life-like education on colons that you’ll probably get in a while.

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