Confessions Of A Running-Hater

Hey, y’all.
Fact, swimmers hate running. Ask any swimmer or ex-swimmer, and they or their closest swimming buddies will admit that they have never enjoyed running.
I am no exception to this common phenomena of run-hating swimmers. I would legitimately choose any, and I repeat ANY other form of exercise, just not running. I’m not sure if I just don’t like running because I am more accustomed to getting my cardio exercise in the water, or if I don’t enjoy running because of past knees injuries or just because I have never been particularly good at it. But, straight up, in case you might of missed something, its not my favorite thing. My biggest fear for this sprint triathlon is the running. Not having to run 5k, I am pretty sure I could do that. But running 5K after swimming 700M and cycling 20k.


So, enough ranting about how much I dislike running, and more on what I’m doing to get motivated and get out there. So here the top three things that get me moving.
Good Tunes
I just downloaded new music to my iPod when I committed to competing in TriDu. The JBiebs and TSwift additions are some of my personal favorite running tunes, I must say. But actually, listening to music when running is the biggest motivator for me to keep going and push through. There is nothing like your favorite pump up tunes to get you in the zone for any workout and for me, this is a running essential. Listening to music can intensify your running and additionally help keep track of breathing and rhythm of your running.
We have a lot of it in this city so why not take advantage of this opportunity to amp up your running experience. By this I mean, go running in the rain and trust me, you will feel like you are in some intense action movie. Running in the rain is extremely refreshing but just make sure to be careful on slick or slippery surfaces. Also, avoid the chilly wind by wearing a good water and windproof jacket as well as gloves and hat, and stay warm!
Tracking Runs
Whether you use the Nike+ Running App and chip in your Nike runners, or or just an old fashioned map and notebook to keep track of how far you ran, it is super important to track it. Don’t forget to record how far you run, how long you run and how fast you run. Tracking your runs right from the beginning of your training regime can help you understand where you came from and keep track of your achievements, mile-by-mile. It can be as simple as keep a sheet of paper to track your running distances and times. This can also be applicable for cycling workouts and swimming time trials too.
So, those are my running motivators and if they work for me, then I’m sure they’ll work for anyone! So get some new music, get out in the Vancouver rain and then track your run. Tweet at us (@ubcrec) using the hashtag, #TriHard about your biggest tips to get motivated.
Stay tuned!

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