Differences in Competition

UBC REC leagues are designed to offer the best and most balanced competition to everyone who wants to get in on the action. Sometimes, teams are stuck facing stiffer competition than they probably hoped for when they signed up.
As many of you will already know, leagues are split into male, female, and co-rec groupings whenever possible. In addition, many of them are split into multiple tiers to try and bring together those with comparable skill levels and mindsets. As a general rule, the top tiers in many leagues are home to those with the top talent and a high compete level. Anyone wanting to try their hand at a new sport or enjoy a casual level of play would be encouraged to look at the lower tiers.
Though much effort goes into making the REC landscape an accommodating and inviting one for all participants, there are often teams that slip through the cracks, getting pitted against sometimes vastly superior squads.
“We were down 45-2 after the first half,” said one Nitobe Basketball player after a tough lost, adding that this score differential wasn’t unusual for the team.
One possible reason for these unfortunate situations is that newcomers who are unfamiliar with the league might have a hard time gauging what tier to sign up for.
When a group signs up for a tier they can’t compete in, it’s difficult for organizers to facilitate a change. Schedules are often set before the season begins, and in order to bring a team higher or lower within the system, it would require a viable partner, either struggling or excelling in another tier, to make the exchange.
What is important for teams is to remain positive and sportsmanlike, regardless of their win/loss record. REC leagues exist to offer a mutually encouraging and inviting atmosphere for students to stay active and have fun, and staff will always do their best to make this a reality for participants.

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