New Rule Change in REC Ice and Ball Hockey Reflects a Widespread Sentiment in Sport

UBC REC has recently implemented rule changes in both its ice and ball hockey leagues that will heavily penalize players for intentional contact to the head.


The new rule states that any intentional contact made with another players head, including but not limited to face washing, high sticking, punching, and body checking, will be met with an immediate three minute penalty accompanied by a ten minute misconduct for the offending player.
The change reflects a growing trend in hockey: the discouragement and elimination of contact to the head within the sport. Cases involving sever injury – both short and long-term – have become more and more common in recent years, and many are looking to completely remove these dangerous plays from the game.
Concussions have been front and center, not only in hockey but in all contact sports, as more research is being done to reveal the lasting effects of continuous head trauma. The gritty and aggressive nature of the game of hockey, with its heavy hits, permissible fist fighting, and frequent scrums, has been the subject of much criticism because of this.
The rule changes implemented by REC are progressive and necessary in that they are making an effort to eliminate this kind of dangerous play preemptively,  making for a safer and more enjoyable game for its participants.

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