Campus Eats: Seedlings

UBC is a big campus – and with a campus that takes almost half an hour to walk from end to end, there are some things you’re bound to miss, or can’t fully discover during your undergraduate career.
Especially when it comes to the food on campus. I’m a lazy bum who can’t make my own food (nor take the time to even pack leftovers), so I’ve had the pleasure to have tried pretty much everything on campus and the village, so when I find a new culinary gem on campus, it’s pretty exciting.
Enter Seedlings. I feel that the options on campus for vegans/vegetarians or just healthy eating in general are quite diverse, and Seedlings is another one of those options. Located in the Thea Koerner graduate student lounge (it’s kinda hard to get to though – head up the stairs to the top floor), the menu offers things like quinoa curry salad, raw brownie bites, and coffee/tea for only 75 cents! Another perk: everything on the menu is less than five bucks, and the prices listed already include tax (something my mathematically deficient brain appreciates), so you can eat healthy and save your money too. The lounge itself is cozy, quiet and has a great view, which also makes it great for studying. Check it out!

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